The my·thol·o·gy

Get lost in these vintage one of kind Greek Mythology pieces from the 1970s Czechoslovakia . Each piece is unique and has its own character.

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    What’s your Zodiac sign? Connect with the stars with Zodiac Sign Charm Pendent in 14k Gold Filled paired with a beautiful dainty Satellite Necklace.

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    The image on the front is a of Aphrodite which was the Goddess of Love in Greek Mythology. She was also known for sexual love & beauty.

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  • $60.00

    The image you see on the pendent is the Three Charity Graces, daughters of Zeus, Euphrosyne (joy), Thalia (bloom), and Aglaia (brilliance). They were known to bring various pleasures in life and often seen naked dancing in a circle.

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    One of Kind Beautiful Glass Vintage Zodiac Signs made in the 1970s in Western Germany. Due to it rarity there is only one of each month in a small & large size.